Opening the Gates to Eziama High School

Gate to Eziama High School Aba

Eziama High School started out as a grammar school (Apostolic Christian Grammer School) run by Christian missionaries.  The government soon took over the grammar school turning it into a secondary school.  Since then, the school has gained quite a reputation as a breeding ground for soccer stars.  Eziama high school has a long routed history of producing international soccer stars.  You may have heard of Okey Uduko, Sunny Ikwuagwu, or late Idika Aku (Pele).  Even now, rising stars continue to emerge from this school.


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Dr. Kalu Ogbureke at
Godwin Onwuelezi at
Innocent Onyenaucheya at

Godwin Onwuelezie album intro
Godwin Onwuelezie Album Class of 1973

Danniel Uch

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Dr. Okechukwu Ibeabuchi Album Class of 1976 Eziama High School Boys and Girls at Aba Sports Stadium (click on Photo to view slide on Youtube)



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Unfortunately, in recent years, the high school has fallen into a state of disrepair.  Through a series of devastating natural disasters and other natural circumstances, the once proud high school has become a shadow of its former self.  However, in spite of this, the school is still a treasure to its local community and southeastern Nigeria as a whole. Though the school is falling apart, there is still hope for it yet.  Alumni and benefactors have expressed their concern for the school and are dead set on seeing the school make a recovery.  Alumni of EHS, your school needs you!  To anyone interested in assisting or aiding in efforts to renovate the school, check our contact page for contact information.

OBITUARY Micah Anyaogu Kalu a.k.a Mike Jones


OBITUARY Augustin Osudo Class of 1977


OBITUARY Daniel Uche Class of 1973

Danniel Uch


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